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The University of Palermo (UNIPA) is a consolidated cultural, scientific and teaching presence in central-western Sicily. Its 5 Schools and 20 Departments cover the most important domains of contemporary scientific and technological knowledge.
About 122 courses (first and second cycle) are yearly offered as well as 44 master and specialization and 23 PhD courses, targeted to the training of specific professional figures, often in cooperation with external institutions and companies - a galaxy which attracted 11,085 first-year students in 2013/2014 academic year. The University General Hospital is a local health corporation that works in synergy with the School of Medicine. It provides beds, day-hospital beds, and a first-aid service.
UNIPA is also present in Agrigento, Caltanissetta e Trapani.
There is a closed link between UNIPA and the labor market: 3rd students of 1st cycle degree courses and 2nd year students of the 2nd cycle experience practice periods within public or private companies and agencies.

Reference Professor for Expo 2015
Prof. Ettore Barone.

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SINTESI is a Limited Company entirely owned by the University of Palermo. As in-house company, SINTESI provides services under the exclusive interest and control of the University.
SINTESI has the scope to increase the University's competitiveness, by supporting research and innovation activities, promoting culture development through higher education, networking the University with enterprises and other public or private research entities, implementing partnership and fund raising.
To pursue company's objectives SINTESI provides the following services:
- "Third Mission" activities including the dissemination and exploitation of project results;
- Project management, including support to proposal set-up, progress monitoring and administrative reporting;
- Targeted courses for professional development including education on soft and transferable skills;
- Marketing of the University of Palermo brand and products, fundraising and networking.


InformAmuse S.r.l. was established in 2009 as an Academic Spin-Off of the University of Palermo, Italy, winner of the “Start Cup 2009 Palermo” Award.
InformAmuse develops mobile apps in multiple languages in the area of cultural heritage fruition. Examples are: Akrai, SiciliaWineCloud, MDMartidec, Sicily@Fruitlogistica, iMussomeli, iPalatina. InformAmuse also realizes innovative multi-channel information system for large events and exhibitions. QRouteMe, integrates interactive displays, QR codes and mobile devices for the immersive use of large exhibition, cultural and commercial spaces. Users, visitors or consumers, who access QRouteMe information system through interactive screens or their own smartphone, can locate, find and be found, viewing contextual information. Managers of large spaces can organize informations, manage advertising spaces and check statistics. The system has already been implemented in different international thematic exhibition: LIWF 2011 FruitLogistica 2012 and 2013, Prowein 2012, and Vinitaly from 2011 to 2014
In 2013 InformAmuse was awarded three large projects grants, funded under the “MIUR STARTUP” call: BookAlive, to revive the ancient books into eBooks; Digitema, for the fruition of digital theatrical heritage; SmartHeritage, to enrich the tourist's visit through the use of smartphones, QR codes and augmented reality.

Reference person
Prof. Antonio Gentile, CEO

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